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Here at Nola Scooter WerX we're focused on putting out the best bikes possible. We quickly went from riding to building. Expanding our knowledge everyday we never stop learning. We strive to keep learning the newest parts and trends to keep every bike unique and to our customers liking. We have the knowledge to complete any projects big or small. From simply painting parts to welding and body work. It's simply not enough to just look good either. We don't just stop at the building process, we can also get you the speed you're looking for. Engine upgrades can be done to get you going and keeping up with the pack. We're here to make our customers happy and enjoy their riding experience. Get with us today and let's discuss your dreams and goals. The modded scooter world is an amazing group of people. It also never hurts to break necks as you drive by either!

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Faded paint? Part's different color's? Let us get your bike new life and meaning. Paint pieces your bike together and makes it your own.

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Frame Work

From custom seats to frame design we can fabricate your needs. Tabs removed and brackets made are some of the few things we can do.

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GY6 Engines

Engine not running? Having issue's? We can get you up and running! If you're looking for more speed let's build you the engine you need!

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